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Author(s):Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP)
Title:A tool using data to inform a state early childhood agenda
Organization:Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP)
Short Description:This tool is intended for state advocates and policymakers to use as they work to develop a state early childhood agenda. It includes a series of key questions to understand the context and conditions of young children, birth to six, in the state.
Annotation:This tool is intended for state advocates and policymakers to use as they work to develop a state early childhood agenda. It includes a series of key questions to understand the context and conditions of young children, birth to six, in the state. Where possible, we also include infant/toddler specific questions. Questions include data on demographics and program participation (such as health and nutrition programs), as well as the details of child care and early education settings in the state. Users can download and save a copy of this tool, fill in their state’s data, and compare to national data points (which are provided where appropriate).
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Early Childhood Education/School Readiness

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