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Author(s):ACT, Inc.
Title:Enrollment management trends report: A snapshot of the 2011 ACT tested high school graduates
Organization:ACT, Inc.
Short Description:ACT created the Enrollment Management Trends Report to provide enrollment managers and other college administrators with information about students’ patterns during the college choice process of the 2011 high school graduates who took the ACT® test.
Annotation:ACT created the Enrollment Management Trends Report to provide enrollment managers and other college administrators with information about students’ patterns during the college choice process of the 2011 high school graduates who took the ACT® test. More than 1.6 million students—roughly half of the graduating class of 2011—took the ACT during high school. Of these students, a little more than 70% enrolled in college the following fall. This report covers such topics as the students’ migration patterns, the time in which they first took the ACT, their participation in ACT’s Educational Opportunity Service (EOS), and their score-sending behavior.
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