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Author(s):Allensworth, E., and Easton, J
Title:What matters for staying on-track and graduating in Chicago public high schools
Organization:Consortium on Chicago School Research at the University of Chicago
Short Description:This report looks closely at students' performance in their coursework during their freshman year, the relationship of this performance to eventual graduation, and how personal and school factors contribute to success or failure in freshman-year courses.
Annotation:This report looks closely at students' performance in their coursework during their freshman year, the relationship of this performance to eventual graduation, and how personal and school factors contribute to success or failure in freshman-year courses. Freshman year performance and accumulation of course credits during the freshman year is found to be highly predictive of eventual high school graduation.
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Associated Keywords:
High School
High School Graduation/Dropout Prevention
Preparation/College Readiness
Urban Areas

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