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Author(s):Pathways to College Network
Title:College readiness for all toolbox
Organization:Pathways to College Network
Short Description:The College Readiness for All Toolbox is an effective set of well-researched tools, lessons learned, resources, and documents designed to assist in the creation of a college-going culture.
Annotation:The College Readiness for All Toolbox is an effective set of well-researched tools, lessons learned, resources, and documents designed to do the following: Create a college ready culture for ALL students, enhance student expectations, achievement, and access, provide educators and outreach professionals with self-assessment and evaluation activities, help students and educators collaborate on post secondary success, provide an understanding of the change process, and create an easy to use roadmap for program implementation. Educators, guidance counselors, outreach professionals, and policy makers will find the tools easy to use, and adaptable to meet the unique needs of all learning environments
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Associated Keywords:
College Access
College-going Culture
Guidance Assessments/On-track Indicators/Early Warning Systems
High School
Middle School

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