IPCN Library Tutorial

Browsing for Articles

Searching for Articles

Browsing for Articles:

From the IPCN Library Main page, a list of topics is displayed under the header "Browse Articles by Topic"

Select a topic from the list, and you are taken to a page listing all of the articles associated with your selected topic. In this example, we select 'A Topic' from the list and are taken to a page showing all of the articles matching 'A Topic'.

As can be seen above, the page lists the Author, Title, Source, and Date for each article. Also, a short description and links to the Full Record and Full Text are provided.

The Full Record link provides a convenient Annotated Bibliography for the resource.

Anytime you would like to view an article, click on the Full Text link.

Searching for Articles

Searching for articles in the IPCN Library system is initiated from the Main Library Page under the heading "Search for Articles"

1. Choose a field to search from the list box. Available fields are: Keyword, Title, Author, Date, Source, and Description.

2. Iinput a search term into the text box.

3. Click the 'Search' button.

After clicking search, the system displays all of the articles matching your search term over the selected field.

Select 'Full Record' to view the annotated bibliography for an article or 'Full Text' to open the article.